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Exotic Orchid Arrangements

Natural Orchids Boutique Offer a hassle-free monthly subscription where you can receive a fresh monthly orchid replacement delivered to your home, office or any other occasion you like to use this for.  This will include FREE DELIVERY on the different packages we offer. A minimum of a three-month subscription will be required.

How it works

After you decide which package you like to get we process all your info and every month on the date client chose fresh orchid arrangements will be deliver. Colors can varieties as per customer requested and availability. 

We can also create custom orders for home or office service upon request.

Orchid Subscription Prices

The Gift of Orchids   $75

1 orchid arrangement.

Be surprise every month by our designer choice. 

Beauty Treats   $220

1 Single stem orchid arrangement

1 Double stem swan white orchid arrangement

2 Single medium orchid arrangement

2 Single mini orchid arrangement

Spoil Me   $320

1 Two double stem swan orchid arrangement

1 Double stem swan orchid arrangement

1 Single stem white orchid arrangement

Crazy About You   $520

1 Five stem orchid arrangement

1 Double stem swan orchid

3 One stem orchid arrangement

To choose which subscription is best for you, simply contact us at 305.271.1021 or We'll get you started.

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