Orchid Care

Orchids are a special breed of plants, however, they are just as easy to take care of like ordinary houseplants.  They do require different watering and fertilizing techniques, and we’re here to give you some easy tips for their care.



Water orchid arrangement once a week with spray water bottle. Allow soil to dry between watering. Bright indirect sunlight is recommended. Try to avoid placing your orchid near air conditioning vents. Follow our instructions and you should be able to enjoy your orchid arrangement for a long period of time. Happy Orchid!

Recommended temperature for blooming is 65º - 75º F. After blooming should be 75º - 85º F.


Orchids are most commonly potted in either bark or moss. Both are good materials, but require different care.

When repotting in moss
Because moss acts like a sponge, it requires more time to dry out. Phalaenopsis orchids and Cattleya orchids re-planted in moss will need to dry out thoroughly before watering.

When repotting in bark
If repotting in bark, pay close attention to the fact that bark retains little water and orchids repotted in bark will need to be watered more frequently. A good rule of thumb for orchids in bark is: water the day before the bark is completely dry.

Both moss and bark decomposes over time, but bark loses the fast-draining effects that many orchids prefer. It is recommended to repot in new bark every year or two.
1. Remove the orchid from the old bark
2. Clip off dead roots (which will be dry and shriveled, compared to the firm, fleshy healthy roots).
3. Place the orchid back into the pot and refill it with new bark.


When fertilizing orchids, a typical recommendation is water-soluble fertilizer at one quarter-strength each time you water. This ensures you never have to worry about under-fertilizing as you are constantly giving the orchid the nutrients each time you water. We recommend 10-10-10 or 12-12-12 fertilizer after blooming.

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