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Orchid Care

Fresh Orchids

Orchid Care Inside

Caring for your orchid arrangement when you receive them is an easy task. Simply follow these easy steps and your orchid will love the care you give them.

Water your phalaenopsis orchid arrangement or plants once a week if need it with spray water bottle preferable. Only the green moss. Do not spray the leaf or flowers.

Feature in bright, indirect light. Temperature should be 70 to 80 degrees Farenheit. Abrupt changes will damage flowers. Avoid placing near air conditioning vents.

Once your orchid has finished blooming this is not the end of the plant. Orchids will typically rebloom in a few months. It is recommended to move your orchid plant outside with indirect light or near a window for faster blooming.

Enjoy your orchid plant for years to come!

Orchid Arrangements Care

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